Mark Denbaly

Ms. Tavakoli has helped both my father and mother during a very difficult period, which began when my mother came down with breast cancer in May 2012. My mother needed a great deal of medical help but lived in California. therefore, They had to move to Washington to be near me. This meant that their residence had to be moved her, along with the daunting task of transferring their medical and social service cases here.

Ms. Tavakoli practically rescued me and my family by taking over the entire move and the transfers and completed all the steps end to end. She accomplished these successfully and with much professionalism and particularly sincere love and care. Ms. Tavakoli was extremely competent and very knowledgeable of all the rules and laws as well as the procedures and processes dealing with Social Security Income, medical record transfers, Medicare and Medicaid and medical matters, and rental assistance program both in Virginia and in California. This made her quite effective and successful in completing the move and the transfers. Remarkably, knew how to work with a couple of 90+ year elderly, and tread them as though they were her parents. She built a strong, yet professional, bound and relationship with my parents.

My mother’s health deteriorated over time, and my father was too old to take care of her. Ms. Tavakoli was there again to arrange for the best personal and medical care services at their home. She made sure that the service providers were those that my parents and I approved the most. And, she always kept a tab to make sure that all aspects and needs were met and were met professionally.

In 2014, when Ms, Tavakoli found out that my parents need overnight care, she found a very suitable two bedroom so caregivers and stay overnight. She arranged for the entire physical move, even seriously helped pack and unpack my parent’s. The move necessitated the transfer of all the medical and social services for both of my parents. Ms. Tavakoli handled all those matters flawlessly and smoothly.

My mother died in 2015. The event forced a significant change in my father’s life. Once again, Ms. Tavakoli took charged and physically moved my father and his medical and social services first to an apartment very close to me and then to a close-by nursing home upon doctors recommendations.

Ms. Tavakoli is responsible for the excellent quality of life that my parents have had since they moved back her—all because of her remarkable knowledge of the system, her dedicated and caring, and an amazingly pleasant positive demeanor.

Roshan Batman

I can not begin to laud Anita for all her efforts to getting my husband who has Alzheimer, his Medicare and then his Medicaid. She stuck by us for 2 years. Now that’s something. She came to me and went with us to various entities to get all this done. You want someone to get your affairs done she is the person. She stands by you till the end. Anyone who has her helping is very lucky.

Ali Alavi

My family and I have had the pleasure of working with Anita Tavakoli for the past 8 or so years. It has been truly a blessing and a relief to have had Anita on our side since then.

Navigating the complex healthcare process is a never-ending abyss. Anita is a true professional and expert in this field and has been a great guide in maneuvering the difficult process to accomplish results.

Anita has been on our side when challenges arose and personally took charge of issues and did not stop until it was resolved.

I can say this in all sincerity that without Anita on our side, life for myself and my family would have been a lot more difficult.

Helped my husband & I with managing our healthcare system & we truly appreciated her assistance &strongly recommend her services to everyone who needs it & hopes she will be as successful as ever.


Mo L.

I highly recommend Anita, she is very professional, caring and knowledgeable, she has helped my mom in past with a few different services and benefits and we were always able to achieve the final goal!

If you are a professional busy person like me and want to help your parents but don’t have time for it nor want to deal with crazy time consuming and frustrating endless paperwork then I highly recommend you to use this service, well worth it!

Najmieh B.

When my younger sister’s MS progressed and she needs more care at home, I really didn’t know what to do. A friend recommended Anahita (the founder of Home 2 Home). She helped and guided me to get the home care my sister needed She is calm, caring and efficient, and I recommend her services.